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Do you buy any items?
Yes, we work in conjunction with Past & Present Antiques & Used Furniture Store. If there is nice saleable items, you can receive a credit for these items toward the price of your clean out.

What items will you take?

Will you take just one item, like a refrigerator or piece of furniture?

Will you clean out closets, cabinets, drawers, etc

Will you leave the house broom swept after a cleanout?

Do you provide immediate or same day emergency service?
Yes, we provide 24 hour emergency service.

Hitmen Cleanouts takes Cryptocurrencies?
Yes, We accept most cryptocurrencies.

Can you move items from one location to another?
Yes, we can accommodate our customers moving needs where they have a few items or a piece of furniture moved from one place to another, even to a second home in Florida!

As far as my flooring and walls are concerned - do I need to worry?
We're extra careful to ensure that no damage occurs to your walls and floors.

Why use your service instead of someone else?
We work with you from start to finish, to give you the best service possible! We pride our self on 3 prime directives, 1. Honesty 2. Dependability 3. Quality. We give you the best service and guarantee you will be satisfied! We recycle virtually 100% of everything we take in & provide all labor! Give us a call today or e-mail us, and we guarantee you will be glad you did!